With the new website officially a year old (where has the time gone?), introductions seemed in order.  My name is Curt Minerd, Sales Engineer and Marketing Manager at Minerva, and your humble website administrator and content guru.  I am a San Diego native, born and raised, spent four years in sleepy Walla Walla, WA for college and have worked for Minerva in my current capacity for five years.

Most importantly, thanks for visiting!  We launched our new website with the goal of providing useful information to new visitors and existing customers alike, and to contribute useful analysis on trending technologies.  The supply chain industry has always been filled with camaraderie, and based on the number of visits and feedback received during our travels, the website has been a big hit.  We are creating a number of new initiatives to bring even more content about AWL and it’s robust features in new interactive ways, and hope to deliver this year.

Keep your feedback rolling in and thanks for visiting!

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