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  • In-depth: Cycle Counts

    Utilizing a real-time WMS like AWLview can provide substantial increases to inventory accuracy in the warehouse, especially for operations that might have previously used paper based tracking solutions.  In addition to the accuracy benefits of system-directed transactions in a paperless environment, a comprehensive cycle count program can provide another level of … CONTINUE READING

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    In-depth: Inventory Allocation

    Allocating inventory for order fulfillment is a critical function for any WMS.  While often times a new-comer to WMS is highjacked by pick/pack/ship functionality, how you receive and put product away and how you allocate are equally important.  Selecting the correct product from the proper location given a plethora of … CONTINUE READING

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    Authorized Motorola Solutions Partner

      Minerva Associates is proud to be a Motorola Solutions Mobile Solutions Channel Partner.  This allows us to resell to our clients a wide array of Motorola rugged handheld mobile computer terminals, such as the MC9190 and MC9500 series.  Many popular options such as advanced wi-fi and cellular data connectivity, 1D and 2D barcode … CONTINUE READING

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    Story Time: Support Hijinx

    Getting software support has a terrible reputation.  Sometimes we get awful support from our own software vendors.  It makes us cringe. It doesn’t have to be this way!  Of course our drive to provide outstanding support goes beyond trying to best our own experiences.  Minerva customers rely on AWL to ship product, … CONTINUE READING

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    Story Time: Quarantine by Location

    I find myself reciting a lot of the same stories when I discuss features about AWLview WMS.  That’s not a complaint about repetitiveness, these are usually the kinds of stories to put a smile on your face.  It’s those real-life anecdotes that showcase how comprehensive enterprise software can help recover from … CONTINUE READING

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    With the new website officially a year old (where has the time gone?), introductions seemed in order.  My name is Curt Minerd, Sales Engineer and Marketing Manager at Minerva, and your humble website administrator and content guru.  I am a San Diego native, born and raised, spent four years in … CONTINUE READING

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    The (Public) Cloud for Your WMS?

    For the last few years one question inevitably comes up when discussing AWLview WMS with new prospects: do you have a cloud SaaS offering?  The answer is No, but in the wake of the Windows Azure outage I feel the topic is worth further discussion.  There are plenty of good … CONTINUE READING

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    Mobile Operating Systems for WMS

    The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up last week in Las Vegas, full of beautiful new high definition displays, ultrabooks and a plethora of tablets.  While focused on consumer grade products, CES is an event corporate America watches from the corner of the eye.  New consumer devices, notably smartphones and tablets, … CONTINUE READING

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    Happy Holildays!

    Minerva Associates would like to extend to you warm wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.  We are very fortunate to work with an amazing group of customers and partners in the supply chain and material handling industry, providing outstanding inventory management solutions across the world.  Cheers to our … CONTINUE READING

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    Welcome to Minerva-Associates.com

    Minerva Associates is pleased to welcome visitors to our new website!  Whether you oversee your company’s logistics operation, are in IT and responsible for system enhancements, or manage your firm’s manufacturing stockroom, it is our goal to introduce you to the improvements our AWL systems can make in your operations. … CONTINUE READING

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