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    AWLtek WCS

    Material Handling Equipment can drastically improve efficiencies and increase storage density in numerous supply chain applications. There are top manufacturers producing outstanding units capable of 24/7 operation, quickly delivering parts to operators, conveyors and sorting equipment in a fluid material flow. But what happens when your top of the line MHE doesn’t interface to your inventory control systems? Why spend capital for equipment that operates like a glorified dry cleaning carousel when paired with the wrong software? Or spend resources to develop an in-house software solution? Or no software, manually entering in location data for each and every transaction from a piece of paper?

    Learn How AWLtek WCS Can Help

    Minerva has been optimizing MHE in our WMS offering for over 20 years, and offers a stand-alone software offering for clients in need of a field proven transaction processor in their MHE operations. AWLtek WCS is the answer for controlling, automating and optimizing your MHE, with real-time communication to existing WMS or ERP systems, providing measurable improvements to your operations. AWLtek WCS communicates to a wide range of devices from Kardex/Remstar, Systems Logistics (formerly Diamond Phoenix), Hanel, White Systems, HK, and Swisslog, just to name a few. AWLtek WCS even interfaces to devices from multiple vendors in the same implementation, future-proofing your hardware purchases for years to come. The same system-directed, real-time, extensive reporting principles that govern our WMS software designs drive our WCS system design.

    Whether you have a single unit or dozens, AWLtek WCS can be configured to squeeze every bit of performance from your MHE investment. Some of the key features are listed below, but this is by no means exhaustive, call us today to discuss your unique challenges and requirements.

    Interface to Multiple Devices

    MHE Specific Optimizations

    Unit Configuration

    Interface to Accessories

    Interface to Existing WMS/ERP software

    AWLtek WCS software diagram

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