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    Introducing AWLview WMS

    After twenty seven years of industry-leading innovation and satisfied customers all over the world, change began to permeate the air around Minerva HQ.  A new look, a new push, a new attitude.  Fresh faces.  Rejuvenated faces.  Coffee fueled design meetings.  Sleep deprived design meetings.  All worthwhile. Minerva Associates is pleased to … CONTINUE READING

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    Chatters Canada Begins AWL Testing

    Recent Minerva customer Chatters Canada Distribution has begun testing AWLview WMS in their Red Deer, Alberta facility.  Chatters is a leading salon retailer, providing hair, salon, and beauty products in addition to providing in-store salon services.  The distribution center services over 100 Chatters stores across Canada.  AWLview WMS for Chatters … CONTINUE READING

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    The (Public) Cloud for Your WMS?

    For the last few years one question inevitably comes up when discussing AWLview WMS with new prospects: do you have a cloud SaaS offering?  The answer is No, but in the wake of the Windows Azure outage I feel the topic is worth further discussion.  There are plenty of good … CONTINUE READING

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    Mobile Operating Systems for WMS

    The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up last week in Las Vegas, full of beautiful new high definition displays, ultrabooks and a plethora of tablets.  While focused on consumer grade products, CES is an event corporate America watches from the corner of the eye.  New consumer devices, notably smartphones and tablets, … CONTINUE READING

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