AWL Software

Warehouse Management & Inventory Control Solutions

Minerva’s proven advanced inventory management software is unequaled in the distribution, manufacturing, and 3PL environments. For any business that requires inventory warehouse management, organization and functionality behind the scenes is imperative to success. Our inventory management software solutions will provide your company with the right tools to operate efficiently. Currently, Minerva’s AWL software is in production at businesses of all sizes across a wealth of industries, from Fortune 500 campuses to medium to small-sized enterprises that require more efficient inventory management in warehouse operations.


AWLview WMS is Minerva’s flagship warehouse management system (WMS) software. AWLview WMS tracks, directs, and manages inventory throughout all areas of the warehouse, from receiving to put-away, pick-pack-ship, cycle count, replenishment, returns, order management, VAS, and beyond. AWLview WMS is equally suited to operate in a facility with mechanized equipment or with no physical automation.
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With our expertise in automated material handling equipment (MHE), Minerva is proud to offer our transaction processor (TXP) as a stand-alone product. AWLtek WCS is perfect for automating and optimizing horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lifts, AS/RS, cranes, mini-loads and other mechanized MHE. AWLtek WCS can function as an independent system or can be integrated with existing inventory control solutions. Designed to improve upon the physical efficiencies of your material handling equipment, AWLtek WCS offers outstanding software functionality for warehouse and inventory management.

All AWL inventory management software solutions share the same core design tenets among many different implementations including:

  • System directed screens and transactions, putting decision making in the hands of supervisors and managers
  • Real-time direction of operators on mobile RF devices, dynamic updates to inventory as transactions are performed
  • Extensive audit trail, every transaction is logged for a complete history of inventory and operator statistics
  • Modular architecture ensures that our AWL inventory software solution is flexible and scalable to meet your needs as operations change
  • AWL integrates with a wide range of ERP, MRP, and financial systems for a seamless exchange of data for accurate inventory & warehouse management across systems

Minerva’s inventory software solutions are efficient and reliable. We understand that you need a warehouse and inventory management system that will perform optimally in critical environments, which is why AWLview WMS and AWLtek WCS are backed with our unprecedented Lifetime Warranty and world-class service agreements. For more information on the warehouse management and inventory control products and services we offer, please give us a call at 858-792-8626 – we’re happy to answer any questions about our warehouse management and inventory control solutions.
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