Story Time: Quarantine by Location

I find myself reciting a lot of the same stories when I discuss features about AWLview WMS.  That’s not a complaint about repetitiveness, these are usually the kinds of stories to put a smile on your face.  It’s those real-life anecdotes that showcase how comprehensive enterprise software can help recover from an unforeseen disaster.  Case in point: AWLview WMS quarantine functionality.  AWLview WMS has a quarantine utility that allows a user with the proper elevated access privileges to quarantine a part across the entire warehouse.  Quarantined parts are not available for allocation and the status follows the part even if moved.  AWLview WMS also has the ability to quarantine a location or range of locations: parts moved out of these locations lose their quarantined status, parts that moved into these locations become quarantined.

So when one of our customers had a pipe break and a small flood impacted a section of their warehouse, quarantine by location became a very popular feature.  Without a WMS (or with a substandard WMS) the DC shuts down, product doesn’t leave the door, orders are late while the product is inspected, and customers get angry.  With AWLview WMS, all orders with allocated parts stored in those quarantined locations are reallocated on the fly depending on inventory levels in other parts of the warehouse.  No future orders reserve inventory in those locations with a quarantine status.  The warehouse continues to function as inventory control specialists review the damaged parts.  The flood gets cleaned up, and somehow the world keeps spinning.  True story, they marked the entire lower section of their aisles in the flooded portion of the building as quarantined.  They even picked out of the upper racks.  And didn’t skip a beat.  Well maybe someone’s heart skipped a beat when they first got the call, but I’m willing to bet AWL Quarantine by Location utility was a great defibrillator.

So, would your heart skip a beat in the event you needed to rely on your WMS to save you from a flood?