Flexible & Modular Inventory Management Technology

AWL’s modular architecture is why Minerva can offer world-class warehouse management software across wildly different industries. AWL for a Fortune 500 aerospace manufacturer can look very different compared to AWL in a retail distribution operation, but many of our customers will be surprised to learn how inventory software solutions for a set of challenges in one environment can be applied to the other.

Organic Systems

Organic systemsThis modular system design also allows us to provide clients with “organic” inventory management software; for customers who have regularly changing lines of business, we work to provide new enhancements on a regular basis. Whether the system remains untouched for years or undergoes changes every quarter, our clients are assured their WMS software is prepared to handle the normal 80% of supply chain operations and provide a framework for neatly handling the exceptions. Rather than take our word for it, take a look at one of our cases studies to see how our customer’s appreciate the flexibility AWL provides their logistics operations.

IT Environment

IT environmentMinerva’s commitment to flexibility mandates that we support a diverse group of computer operating environments. The latest version of our AWL custom inventory management software supports up to Windows Server 2012 R2, AIX and Sun Solaris server operating systems. AWL is a highly database driven application, and supports up to MS SQL 2012 and Oracle 11g database managers. Whether your server room is geared for Microsoft products or a Unix environment, Minerva has you covered. AWL customizable inventory management software will run on desktop workstations with Windows XP or higher, and mobile RF terminals require Windows Mobile 5 or higher. Our customizable inventory management software is certified on a variety of mobile RF devices from Motorola Solutions and Honeywell Scanning and Mobility.

Desktop and Web-based Clients

desk web clients
AWL inventory management software provides clients with two types of interfaces, a PC fat client and RF browser based for warehouse transactions. The GUI client is for all desktop workstations, and features a robust user interface that provides quick access to information. The GUI client is also required for all workstations interfacing to material handling equipment (MHE) on our AWLtek WCS systems. Browser based transactions direct all RF mobile devices through various warehouse transactions, because a monochrome terminal emulator doesn’t cut it on full color, touchscreen capable units.

With our web-based client, AWL is able to use visual cues and sounds to enhance operator productivity and minimize errors. Installation is as simple as pointing the browser to an intranet HTML page. We offer our system in standard packages with both desktop and web-based clients, however to further enhance integration we are capable of modifying various elements of the system to allow for the flexibility of custom inventory management software. The flexibility, adaptability and scalability of our systems have allowed our AWL software to never have a failed implementation.

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