Introducing AWLtek WCS

Cereal and milk. Pasta and sauce. Jordan and Pippin. Somethings just go hand in hand. Introducing AWLtek warehouse control software, an intelligent software solution for getting the maximum benefits from your horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, vertical lift machines, ASRS equipment, light trees and sort bars, pick/put-to-light and interface to conveyor controls and sortation equipment. Material handling equipment (MHE) is designed to move 24/7, the ROI on a goods-to-person investment requires the operator never waits and goods handled in optimum fashion. AWLtek WCS is Minerva’s latest software solution to maximize MHE investments, controlling single or pod configured units, pre-positioning devices, batch pick and put-away support, stand-alone system or integrated with external software systems, even controlling multiple manufacturers’ devices on the same AWLtek system!

Minerva will be offering more in-depth coverage of AWLtek WCS features and customers’ experiences over the coming weeks. Many thanks to our clients for their valuable feedback and the Minerva team for their tireless efforts in delivering outstanding inventory management software solutions!