Introducing AWLview WMS

After twenty seven years of industry-leading innovation and satisfied customers all over the world, change began to permeate the air around Minerva HQ.  A new look, a new push, a new attitude.  Fresh faces.  Rejuvenated faces.  Coffee fueled design meetings.  Sleep deprived design meetings.  All worthwhile.

Minerva Associates is pleased to introduce AWLview, a warehouse management system software solution that brings together our expertise in distribution, manufacturing execution and enterprise application development into a comprehensive and scalable inventory management solution for companies large and small.  In ancient mythology, Minerva’s owl was not only the symbol of the goddess’ wisdom, but her insight and quest for knowledge, all qualities our customers have experienced using Minerva’s industry proven WMS software.  AWLview is a natural progression of our software development, providing at a glance dashboards for viewing KPI measurements, a streamlined no-installation web-based architecture for RF mobile devices, improved redundancy for ERP messaging and new message broadcasting to logged in users.  Significant performance improvements are delivered by utilizing the latest Microsoft Windows server technologies and improved MS SQL memory performance, while still delivering complete feature parity for those customers using Oracle database technologies.

We can’t wait to showcase more new features in AWLview, please visit the website for in-depth feature enhancements over the coming weeks.  Minerva would like to thank our customers for their valuable feedback over the years that brought us to this moment, and our dedicated and talented staff for their efforts and sacrifices.