Our Philosophy

Since our beginnings more than 23 years ago Minerva has never had a failed implementation. Supply chains are complex systems, from raw materials sourcing to production, distribution, and transportation. Our philosophy has been successful across industries because Minerva understands the intricacies of WMS software, the material and data flow, and the required personnel to make a successful project.

A Partnership Mentality

Minerva Associates is a technology company, we speak with IT teams on every project. Minerva Associates is a supply chain solutions provider, we speak with operations on every project. No project is successful without bringing both worlds to the table, identifying responsibilities, and meeting shared goals. We speak both languages and work to detail the data flow and material flow for every customer. We foster this spirit of partnership on every project, to secure a smooth and focused project plan.


The end of sales hand-off to a project manager, followed by the project manager hand-off to support representative is the worst kind of continuity problem with enterprise software projects. At Minerva, our sales team, management, design, programming, and support teams all overlap. Our technical staff has an average tenure of 10 years with Minerva, the same staff configuring and programming the system is also the lead on support calls. The same staff visiting your facility and responding to RFPs is leading system design meetings. All aspects of your implementation are done in-house. No other tier 1 or tier 2 WMS provider can offer this level of continuity on your project.

Responsive in a Shrinking World

It is no secret, the world is getting smaller. Even for a Fortune 500 firm, the next super-agile competitor is being started in a garage or basement. Squeezing every last drop of productivity from your supply chain is the new orders for operations managers. The AWLview WMS modular architecture was designed to meet your ever-changing needs in a WMS. Minerva’s expertise is invaluable for those highly specialized requirements that require unique solutions.