WMS Support For IT Personnel

Minerva Associates is a technology firm specializing in directing warehouse transactions for mission critical environments: shipping and building product. With one foot firmly in the IT world and the other rooted in the operations world, Minerva by necessity must speak both languages. Our technical philosophy was created with a bridge-building mentality meant to link these two worlds together, providing IT staff with WMS support that allows for an easy to manage and reliable enterprise class WMS solution.

Lifetime Warranty

The lifecycle of enterprise software is always a hidden land-mine for IT managers, which is why Minerva offers our Lifetime Warranty on all AWL implementations. Minerva will patch any discovered flaw in the system with no cost to the client. We are able to offer this outstanding protection for a simple reason, AWL is a supremely stable software offering. As the sole owner, designer and developer of AWL, Minerva has rigorously tested and refined AWL for over 20 years. During that time, project team has endured zero failed WMS implementations, a truly remarkable feat in the world of complex supply chain software.

No Mandatory Upgrades

Minerva does not believe in built-in obsolescence. We can’t stand it when the software we use faces the specter of mandatory upgrades, so why make it a part of our own software design? Minerva never has and never will push mandatory upgrades on our customers.


AWL’s modular architecture provides a scalable solution to your ever-adapting business needs. We work hard to keep our customers informed of new modules and features. Since we have been supporting our inventory & warehouse management software for over two decades, we often receive calls asking about solutions to challenges we have already solved for other customers. Our partnership approach and modular design insures Minerva’s clients are never left out in the cold with an “as is” system.

Support Agreements

Minerva has three support plans, regular business hours, extended hours, and 24/7 support. All plans include fast response times and access to our in-house support group. No outsourced help desks, no lengthy delays, and all clients have access to executive management provides you the best WMS support possible.