The Minerva Process

There are enough enterprise software implementation horror stories that make the gossip circuits. It is Minerva’s goal to make the sales and project cycle as informative, productive, and seamless as possible. These processes have changed with advancements in technology, but the core principles remain the same: personalized attention to detail, responsiveness, and continuity.

Sales Process

All of our sales efforts are of a consulting nature, it is our job to understand the requirements and ask the right questions, sometimes to reaffirm the client’s industry quirks, and sometimes to challenge preconceived notions of best practices. Having implemented hundreds of warehouse management systems, we can offer recommendations for best practices and also provide unique insights. With a broad understanding of the requirements, Minerva will respond to RFIs and RFPs as appropriate. All sales projects include at least one system demonstration, using a production system in our labs showcasing the appropriate feature-set. We always visit the customer’s facility, and highly recommend a site visit to an existing customer. All AWL proposals include a firm-fixed price proposal; no open ended consulting fees, no mysterious bottom line pricing, no obscure professional or configuration services fees.

Minerva Process Top Image

    1. Understand requirements; ask the right questions
    2. Unique insights & recommendations
    3. System demonstration
    4. On-site visit
    5. Firm-fixed price proposal

Project Cycle

Should we be fortunate enough to win the contract, Minerva begins the project cycle with detail design meetings at the customer’s facility, extensively documenting the material and data flow of current operations, and how it will improve with AWL. Unique challenges are dissected and solutions presented, with a core team of operations and IT decision-makers to provide insight in their related areas of responsibilities.

The first deliverable is the Functional Specification, which in detail walks thru the system functionality, data dictionary, interface tables, and all menus and programs. After review and approval by the core team, Minerva will configure AWL and make customizations as needed. When the system is complete, we hold a Progress Demonstration for the core team in our labs at our San Diego headquarters. This extensive hands-on demo serves as the first training session for the team, and we walk thru every system operation and transaction. Minerva will remotely install the system to a test environment, when user testing can begin. We are on-site for production support when the system is live, and we take great pride watching the first carton roll into the shipping area.
Minerva Process Bottom Image

    1. Detailed design meeting
    2. Functional specs delivered
    3. System demonstration
    4. On-site for production support when system launches!